How long will it take to receive my REV video?

Your request will be completed within 7 days. However, there is a good chance the video will be completed well before that.

What will the “talent” say in the video?

Mostly whatever you want them to say within reason. During the checkout process there will be a field where you can list the bullet points of what you want to be said.  You'll want to be as specific as possible in your details as you'll have 250 characters to work with.

Will I be able to share my video on social or download it?

Absolutely! When you receive your video link there will be the option for you or anyone who views the video to share the it on social accounts as as well as download the video.

How will I know when the video is ready?

Your receipt and order updates will be sent to the email provided under Delivery Information. When your request is completed, we’ll email and text you a link to view, share, or download your REV

What happens if my video isn’t completed within 7-days?

While we don't expect this to be an issue, if for some reason your video isn’t completed, the hold on your card will be removed and your account will be refunded.  Of course you can always request to keep the order active.

What’s the difference between a 30-second video and a 60-second video?

The obvious of an additional 30-seconds for sure but there's a good chance you'll get a good story or something a little extra in the video to fill up the time and maybe even more!

How would the Zoom call work?

For the Zoom call we'd coordinate a few day and time options that work for both parties and once agreed upon provide a link to the LIVE video stream.

What is a 15-second promotional video?

A standard 30 or 60 second video wouldn't be allowed to be used commercially.  The 15-second promotional video gives companies who are interested in the driver or personality endorsing their product the option for that usage. The driver/personality has the option to decline any product that they deem as conflicting with their interests.  If so, your payment would be refunded.