Chuck Gurney Jr

  • 30-Second Video $51.00
  • 60-Second Video $71.00
  • 10-Minute Zoom Call $151.00
  • 15-Second Promo Video $125.00

How long will it take to receive my REV video?

Answer: Your request will be completed within 7 days. However, there is a good chance the video will be completed well before that. If you need something sooner than a 7-days guarantee click the contact button and reach out to us.

What will the "talent" say in the video?

Answer: Mostly whatever you want them to say within reason. During the checkout process there will be a field where you can list the bullet points of what you want to be said.  You'll want to be as specific as possible in your details as you'll have 250 characters to work with.

Will I be able to share my video on social or download it?

Answer: Absolutely! When you receive your video link there will be the option for you or anyone who views the video to share the it on social accounts as as well as download the video.

How will I know when the video is ready?

Answer: Your receipt and order updates will be sent to the email provided under Delivery Information. When your request is completed, we’ll email and text you a link to view, share, or download your REV

What happens if my video isn't completed within 7-days?

Answer: If for some reason your video isn’t completed, the hold on your card will be removed.

What's the difference between a 30-second video and a 60-second video?

Answer: The obvious of an additional 30-seconds for sure but there's a good chance you'll get a story or something a little extra in the video to fill up the time and maybe even more!

How would the Zoom call work?

Answer: For the Zoom call we'd coordinate a few time options that work for both parties and once agreed upon provide a link to the LIVE video stream.

What is a 15-second promotional video?

Answer: A standard 30 or 60 second video wouldn't be allowed to be used commercially. So this just gives the option for that usage.

Not those kinds of tips, although tipping is allowed after you receive your REV video if you’re really happy with it and want to support the personality further..

You just want to be as short and specific as possible when writing the request (at checkout) so that the personality knows exactly what you want them to say such as your relationship to the recipient, numbers & details while still fitting into the allocated time.  If you’re not specific in your request you’re probably going the get a weird racing story?!  If you add too much info some of it might get cut out.  We limit the amount of characters in the instruction field to help you with that part.

Example: “Wish my husband Bill a happy 41st birthday from Lisa and his two kids Brody and Jackson!  He’s a big fan and always goes to Volunteer Speedway every time you’re racing there.  He tried driving a race car a few years ago but ran out of money and talent.  He also recently drove his truck through the garage door so be sure make fun of him about that!  He’s the best father and husband though and we love him to death!”



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